inspirational use of time

Standing in an open field within a secluded farm I was impressed you would chose the antiquated tools of so humble a profession to express yourself. Fitting, the towering arrangement resembled less the structural art of the craftsman iron worker but more A reminder that rock stands tall beyond the farmers reach unless by choice with forged implements left behind he would face the climb with nothing but the bare ness of personal strength and passion, to arrive exhausted and spent having left no effort behind
You inspire me, young friend. you “Dick” you. to creat a statement of my own. to mount it in and open field.
I think which ever one, whom last the longest, should build a fire at the others statement and drinking wine scream into the dark sky so that our end of things becomes a journey chased into the darkness by the fire and voices of those left behind.

2 thoughts on “inspirational use of time

  1. it must have been the same feeling… the first man to use a tool to lift or move more weight than his arms could budge. That man having leveraged physics with his stick and challenged the unmovable. Who will stop me? The boom trembles under the shutter from gravity’s slap. We wove cable from ore and pour iron from the fire. So long as there was strength in a mans mind he bent the world to fit his whim. Cheers to the old hands driving the Chattanooga plow the row buster and milk cow. Those movers.. those voices by the fire. There is none greater than the Bastard and no student not inspired. The field is ready, barefoot screaming in the night

  2. Time does not pass, it continues to be our precious illusion. Seize your day, but then let it go. Remember, time is also a drug. Too much of it kills you, eventually. —-Time Keeper

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