Will i am

Tis a new year, in a fit of morbid excitement i planned my funeral and will. just a few plans so far….

Bury me in a wooden box

Save your flowers for the ladies

bring me instead the colors of life

paint my box with handprints.

I want to feel warmth of friends-

those who have touched my life.

Save your tears for those who need them,

I have lived enough for 100 men.

To the list of those whose name I’ve journaled

I’ve left to you a lofty sum

but spend it only as I say….

“There will always be debt and never be time

there will always be an excuse in your mind

No more I say, please not on my day.

Please spend this money my way.

Be reckless and wild, push your dreams to the limit

Patagonia or Paris love everything in it.

Rather than cry in a room full of friends,

instead think of me as your adventure begins.

The world is yours.”

1 thought on “Will i am

  1. We all drift and die. Some of us do it when we are still breathing. Men who understand time have learned not to make this error. When you become coherent with the music within you, that is when you can make sense of the distraction going on around you. When you do, you drift, but you are filled with life. Even while dying, life can be filled with time if you tap nature inside of you.

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