I was thinking about the women

I was thinkig about you “The Dick” and was concerned that you might miss the woman more then I. I of course already miss the woman. I have been missing the woman a long time now, but missing them has allowed me to see them all so much differently then before. Before of course being when I was younger and woman actully paid attention to me.
When the woman stoped paying attention to me, I started paying attention to them. I dont mean just the pretty young talanted, educated, alluring women that swirl around you like the river around Algiers Point at high water, I mean all the woman.
They are all of them so alluring, mothers old and young, worried about their children and if they are doing the right thing. It is sad they will not relize “the best they could” was the right thing, untill they are my age.
All the young girls looking out and trying to find their way, looking for that great adventure, realizing too late that they are the great adventure and they need not look for anything, Anything will find them.
Its a great end of things, to be older and above the termoil of passion and love, To be able to see it all so clearly, to see that all the woman are great looking.
Why is it I could not see so clearly when I could still touch them. Im ok with just seeing clearly.
I have to go, I see clearly a pretty woman, she may pass close and I dont want to miss anything.

3 thoughts on “I was thinking about the women

  1. Nice words Exquisite One. Sometimes it is good to feel the tragedy in life. It awakens you intuitive self by making your “in box” the mouthpiece of your soul…….we need to share these types of awakenings with the young fools as we voyeur ourselves to death, no?

  2. Yes, we voyeur by the light we cast upon the trail, the young fools will drive onword with or with out our light, if they hear the sounds of life in our example, feel the light of our experieance it will only change the intensity of the moment not that the moment exisited. . This is a worthy effort , an attempt at awakening to the intensity of what any and every woman lends to life. why do we have so little time to experieance this? why awake so late.,

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