Last time I saw him

We were at the Saint Charles Cafe in New orleans, it was 0200hr in the morning we were in for weather the crew van droped us off, we had 4 days before, heavy seas subsided.
Corn beef hash crisp, eggs, toast, beer and coffee strong enough to kill. He was going to go on to Key West I was headed North, I knew this girl in columbia owned a coffee house and she had a knock dead georgous mother, A old lady sitting at the bar paid our ticked and David whent up to thank her,
“Hungery men is my Passian” said she
“Who are we to denie a woman her passion” replied david.
I last saw him walk thru the fog to his truck, covered in carharts, heavy boots, he seemed older, I gess we both were.
He went down with all hands in the Tasman Sea a few months latter and I went to South America,
I think we are all the same some how. Men, I think you and I have the unfortunate good fortune to see so much farther then most. That is really the unfortunate of it, that we see so much farther, The good fortune is we can change the path.
I like that, changing the path, I been doing some of that
See far one man dying, take the hard path.

3 thoughts on “Last time I saw him

  1. Nice words for those thoughts and images Exquisite One. Fog is interesting with respect to men dying. Failure is like fog on a bathroom mirror. Its presence incites you to wipe the mirror, and see yourself clearly again. Seems like that image of David might have done that in a way. Question now raised in my time of dying is what do you do when the life you thought you had, no longer works for you any longer?

  2. the life you thought you had is not the life you have, it is the part of life that changes , it is an experieance that ends allowing another experieance to begin , people and places we hate to leave. the life you have should be full of them, the time keeper would know this now and on the way out.

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