body in rebellion

Tough times don’t last but tough guys do. Could it be so simple as to just hold on? It seems in my quest to become a great climber the difference in the end between the greatest is they don’t let go.  There is a time to tread lightly pulling no harder than needed and other times you just hang on no matter what. I see this with my breathing… when its time for treatment and I have shredded my lungs trying to hold on- I have to make myself rest eventually. Make yourself pull out of the race so that you can enjoy some of the simple subtleties you might have overlooked. It definitely slows the world down when you step outside the current that has swept you through adventure at the speed of life. Its an addicting feeling… always on the go. Living for the next big push and pull.  Mortality is a cruel reminder that our time is spent.. like gone. Whatever you spent it on will hopefully sustain you in the days you can’t bear the silence. Perhaps thats why I love pictures. Its like an echo of time well spent. At the end of mans life is when you see it clearest. Does his achievement drown out his fear? Does his love of life make death a run on sentence that blends into the next adventure? Sure feels that way

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