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When I get an email that the Exquisite Bastard has posted on I never see it correctly. One time I thought the domain name was womenDying and today I thought it said twoMenCrying! It seems ages since we first talked about this blog and altho only a fraction of our discoveries have been documented here it is still exciting to see it thriving in secrecy.   I have spent a lot of time exercising lately to bring my lung function up to comfortable, since starting to swim again it jumped from 52% to 64% within a month. In that time I have pondered the death of breath. How does it end? Why would it stop? Does cancer fill his cup like mucus and infection fill mine? It seems a fight against infection and making some breathing room. I guess my question is.. would swimming help lung cancer like it helps cystic fibrosis? Who starts a blog just to ask questions? I guess I do, after an hour of reading about lung cancer I made myself stop after noticing I was reading from the Ladies Home Journal.ha.  I know I’m not the first to scour google for a herb or an exercise to give us another summer or time for another adventure. It seems the world is not sure how to slow the growth of bad cells while generating the stem cells it takes to repair them. I have a doctor buddy who is an Optimal Health Specialist & Brain Surgeon from New York who can help us. We should kill a bottle of wine with ole Jack, he is truly one of a kind.    


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Im still in the south, the south being Mississippi on a warm morning with heavy rain drumming on the tin roof. the wind is wipping the tops of the trees and the woods push the warm smell of old vegatation out into the open fields. The lilys are open and the space between down pours is fillid with the sound of pond and wood land creatures.

I put a stiff shot of moonshine (corn) in my coffee and it gives me the peace to sit for hours and just injoy the experieance of being alive. I walk the fields and around the pond when the rain is light, the rain is cold but the air warm and the feeling is of shareing life and living with those who will never return.

Im thinking of hot food and woman, I’m going to stay within my my ability and realistic expectations and…

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