Bloom under pressure

Stars are born within clouds of dust and scattered throughout most galaxies.
Turbulence deep within these clouds gives rise to knots with sufficient mass that the gas and dust can begin to collapse under its own gravitational attraction. As the cloud collapses, the material at the center begins to heat up. Known as a protostar, it is this hot core at the heart of the collapsing cloud that will one day become a star. And all the world will love you just as long as you are.
The process to becoming a star sounds like the making of a man…or like the evolution of love that untied the knots of lust and steam that we thought held us together. We are bound by that crushing gravity that drives the attraction that pushes us to love what is hard to be close to. Freedom is realizing you don’t have to fight the current, you can ‘float on’ as a wise young woman taught me. I want to trust the current, perhaps one day. Until then, I just want to shine until I nova.

the days quotations:
We are not over the hill… we built the hill-

1 thought on “Bloom under pressure

  1. We are the product of stardust. While science hasn’t found the mechanism that give us real answers, religion or spirituality provide the answers without any mechanism. When science has provided the answers in the mechanism, it seems it only reconfirms what spirituality has already laid out. This concept for me is disconcerting, yet perfect, because it explains why the greats in science have always been uneasy about life’s uncertainty principle. God really does roll the dice, and always has……….his game is called evolution, a true mind fuck.

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