I work my tail off to make gifts for strangers and feel like a zombie at family holiday functions. Seems backwards. When I did find it in myself to come out of my shop and socialize I got way too tipsy with mixed company and decide to climb a billboard like the old days. The catwalk is 50ft from the ground and she has gracefully slipped up the thin ladder and waits for me. A few rungs from the top i look up just as a nest of squirrels begins to scream and run all over me. I swat with one arm and leg and holdfast with the other. Squirrels are caught in my hair, one bit my lip and one ran down my arm scratching and jumped for the nearby tree. Yes my lip was bleeding the girl was laughing and crying and I was well… frightened and thankful I hadn’t let go. Its nighttime and I’m tipsy- we covered that right? Well there I was with a beautiful woman counting my scrapes and thinking I should google early onset rabies symptoms. Luckily she had seen it all, it would be our secret. Our “others” would never understand why we were there together in the first place. I felt like a man having fought off 3 acrobat rats on a high-rise billboard. Hear my roar little rat!

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