The woman I date is like me but with a kid so less me more them. When visitors go to Jerusalem and experience the holy land there is a mental illness that attaches to some of the tourists. Its called Jerusalem Syndrome- The person believes they are the new Messiah and that God has chosen them as the coming Savior. There is a wing of the hospital in jerusalem for these people. The best treatment is to introduce them to each other. “I am the Messiah”, “No, I am the Messiah” They get annoyed with each other and somebody snaps out of it. Why do I snap out of love? I wake up as hard as I fell in… its weird and savage. It is not lack of connection, compassion or commitment that makes my heart float on like jetsam. It is fear of the shallow slackwater. I was born to swim in the deep and wide. If I drown it will be tempest, not indifference that takes me. Like a man lost at sea he was not defeated, he was swallowed whole. That doesn’t happen in the shallows, but all the best stories are deep. -theDick

3 thoughts on “Slackwater

  1. It is becouse of the time. It no longer runs on forever, forever has a limited run for you. falling out of love is not the lack of love, it is the lack of time to live a life that love would make full. you no longer have time for full.
    The woman is a good girl, for the love of a man and her child she would give all. I am inclined to believe you cannot take her all, for the emersion into the pleasure of something that has so much time, when you yourself actually have very little.

    Sorry for all of this, I woke with coffee this morning and talked with men I put in body bags years ago. I did not want their time to end. You dont want that

  2. There is a term in programming called “Robust to failure” it means every system has a breaking point-failure point… the goal is to run the program at its limit just before collapse and then design procedures to explain how to fix it again when it goes tits up. I have spent years thinking I didn’t have years. Tho we crash many times, we run right up to the edge of life because robust is all we know. -theDick

  3. Writing is power. Writing is our human creation. When we write, we become a god of time, a deity wielding a pen than alter time and space we inhabit. –Time Keeper

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