Cambodian Girl

I spent the day on the beach, the barge was fog bound and could not get underway. I had hot soup in a Cambodian coffee house not far from the dock in Galveston and spent severl hours talking to a Philipino Crew man in the dive team. My mind drifted to the many places in the world you have to go befor you get here. I became aware of how little I care about how I got here, Im here and alive, the soup is good the talk is good and the Cambodian girl is happy.
Im most certin the full ness of life was attained today, Hot soup, good talk and smiling Cambodian Girl and im alive, still living, today
OK then, hope your lunch was equally as condusive to enjoying another day among the living.

I was pleased to view your latest creation, I felt it somehowe worthy of it position, in the middle of a field on an isolated farm. It was good you chose the antiquated tools of so humble a proffesion to express yourself, more fitting the towering arrangment resembled less the structual art of the crafts man iron worker and more a reminder that rock stands tall beyound the famers reach unless aby choise with forged implements left behind he world face the climb i=with nothing but the bare ness of personel streangth and passion to arrive exausted and spent haeing left fo effort behind
You inspire me young frind you “dick” you to create a statement of my own, to mount it in an open field, I think which ever one whom last the longest should build a fire at the others statment and drinking wine scream into the dark sky so that out end of thing s becomes a jorny chased into the darkness by the voices and fire left behind.