I was pleased to view your latest creation, I felt it somehowe worthy of it position, in the middle of a field on an isolated farm. It was good you chose the antiquated tools of so humble a proffesion to express yourself, more fitting the towering arrangment resembled less the structual art of the crafts man iron worker and more a reminder that rock stands tall beyound the famers reach unless aby choise with forged implements left behind he world face the climb i=with nothing but the bare ness of personel streangth and passion to arrive exausted and spent haeing left fo effort behind
You inspire me young frind you “dick” you to create a statement of my own, to mount it in an open field, I think which ever one whom last the longest should build a fire at the others statment and drinking wine scream into the dark sky so that out end of thing s becomes a jorny chased into the darkness by the voices and fire left behind.

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  1. So many statements of your own stand like rock pillars in a field of weeds. One in particular has been on my mind. “Some men will live the same year 80 times and call that a life”. That haunting challenge will outlive us both- you all who hear… Your bodies tied to cubicles and barstools deserve more, awake and stretch, shake the dust from your hair and move. Move like you never have before and never will again. Scandal will follow the boldest and most creative movers, but who can judge a thing good or bad until the end? You will know it in the firelight, you will hear the friends behind you. -theDick

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