Robust to Failure

There is a term in programming called “Robust to failure” it means every system has a breaking point-failure point… the goal is to run the program at its limit just before collapse and then design procedures to explain how to fix it again when it goes tits up. I have spent years thinking I didn’t have years. Tho we crash many times, we run right up to the edge of life because robust is all we know.   -theDick

1 thought on “Robust to Failure

  1. Robust to failure concerns things that gain from disorder. Time gains order from disorder. Time is the only wealth we’re given as you too know. How you and the dick value it differently than me. No one can stop a ticking clock……..but the “best of us” figure out how to slow it down. Never ask a “time keeper” what you should do. Ask him what he would do if he were in your place. Huge difference. Failure is just an event, it never defines our time remaining.—-“The Time Keeper”

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