Quality of life

The radiation guy said I should stop working and look to the ‘Quality of life’
The ‘quality of life was working, working was watching the Burmese Roustabouts turn to face the monsoon and following their lead, getting hammered by torential rain with no choise but to stand it thru, then the decks steamed the water and we watched the natural unavoidable move down stream on the Yangon, ‘quality of life’ was the knowlage you could live around things you cannot change.
like the Dick with a bolder between him and a woman he cannot touch and talk to only from a distance. the two of them inspireing in their ability to scale or climb the vertical but helpless to close the short distance on level land. like the Burmese roustabout you have to honor the knowlage your quality of life will be standing thru things you cannot change. Places and people we hate to leave,

7 thoughts on “Quality of life

  1. “Quality of life’ was the knowlage you could live around things you cannot change.”
    my fingers hover over the keys asking if I’ve seen my monsoon yet or is it only a spring shower I wrestle with. Either way the brewing of the storm is no less beautiful, the crescendo will be breathtaking. There will be no doubt of its quality.
    The Yangoon Monsoon and the Yankee Salvor. What a story:)

  2. “QOL” is nature’s wisdom that we can’t live around things we can’t change. For us who understand life, figures are a matter of indifference. Nature is a matter of life and death. We must dare to live fully. When we do in unison, the universe begins to move with us and not against us. Somebody ought to tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying so we can judge the quality of our time. I might be suggesting this you that right now. When you realize you’re dying you begin to stop wasting time on things that are immaterial. We begin to focus on what matters. Death is more universal than life but few realize this; everyone dies but not everyone lives. What we touch lives. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.a few other yahoo’s might come together and change the universe in ways no one yet can appreciate. In science and art, getting “it” done, isn’t the same thing as getting it right. Y’all have it right, your passion is clear for life and you start it; most have no idea that it moves others and the universe simultaneously. Purpose leads to action. Action leads to reaction….Reverse engineer that statement and discover what type of reactions are you creating through your actions or your inactions? For through your actions you will find your purpose. When you express your passion and enthusiasm to others, you will become a “magnet” to others, who will be attracted to your high level of energy. Your QOL will be off the chain. They will want to play with you, work with you, and support your dreams and goals. As a result, you will ultimately get more done in a shorter period of time. This is how we leverage time on the road to optimal. You two got me thinking deeply tonight……..Am I grateful in my heart but too quiet about it? Why do I hide it? It is designed to be contagious and be shared? When you express your gratitude to others you are helping others learn its benefits. Gratitude is also what paves the way to achieving greater things and I call it achieving ‘greatitude’. Without ‘it’, life success is meaningless. Gratitude heals the heart, promotes personal awareness and encourages hope!
    Reflecting and being grateful on what we have now in the present and not focusing on what we want or don’t have; it helps us to remain in an attitude of gratitude to those who light our flame. You two are those kinda cats for me…….–The Metronome Speaks.

  3. You don’t know who I am, but you know me.

    I have no desire to compare myself to you, either of you. I have no interest in a competition of death. I don’t care who is where on the road and who will arrive first, who will struggle the most along the way. You don’t have a monopoly on death.

    I am dying, too.

    On the grand timeline, absolutely. But also, I die little deaths everyday. I stare at a girl crossing the street while I’m stopped at a red light. Immediately, I am in love. She will never once turn to face me. She will keep walking until she’s out of sight and the light turns green and that love is forever launched into the air and it’s back to the grind of the everyday.

    Every time I leave my house, I am a clown on stilts disembarking a comically small car, wearing a big red nose. Only, no one else can see it. I hide in the interstices. People see what they want to see, and I hide among the living. But I crave more, pulled in different directions, ultimately untying the knotted core of my insides until I am undone and dying.

    When you ask old people who have lived long, full lives for advice, they tell you bullshit. “Follow your dreams, don’t work so much”. Bullshit, I tell you. You can’t learn from that. It’s not wisdom. It’s just a whitewashed memory of an easy life, passed down through withered lips. I want to know how to find the wisdom, truth, and beauty in the mundane.

    There was a crooked priest who got hanged after dabbling in bribery and forgery. He famously said: “Depend on it Sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” You’re to be hanged in a fortnight. Yours is the wisdom I crave.

    I don’t know who you are, but I know you. I’m here because I respect your willingness to confront your own deaths, and because of that fact, not in spite of it, you find and create poetry all around you. That’s it.

    Tell me to leave, and I’ll leave. Tell me to stay, and I will learn.


    • Ha woe. welcome fellow. There is room for one more clown. The day you wrote this I spent with the Metronome in New Orleans, he had a booking his house with a Stephano Trabajo quote: “Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”
      it struck me, i like it.

  4. Thanks for the welcome, I don’t take it lightly.

    I like that quote, too. But also- how funny, how human, to think of death as an “invention”, as if it was figured out. We must be the only species egotistical enough to think that our deaths mean anything at all.

  5. third man : you have some strong thoughts, makes one see beyond what is obvious. read aloud sounds like leaves rustling along a trail id like to walk again.remember when we could do that, when a summer day lasted forever, a season never ended and walking a trail had nothing to do with time and life was measured by life within the distance walked. you carry some burden? maybe?

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