Midnight rally

Salvor this site was for your kids…thats why her picture is on the front page. I never gave a fuck about anybody else..still don’t. Tho death was an excuse to speak our minds and curb the appetite for destruction it was never the thing one dwells on. Its the stench you grow used to, others panic but the red button was long since hammered and the crew knows its going down with the ship. She is sinking slowly, its a nice ride even tho its not the direction we’d have picked. I have procured 2 impossibly heavy items to build your tombstone. Neither one the mammoth rock of midnight rally.permission sucks.

One is a steel plate.. its 8.5′ long and 4.5′ wide over an inch thick. It weighs 2,300 pounds. I thought to lay the salvor in the belly of the earth with a plate on top, the ground comes up flush around the edges and plant stalks of bamboo. It would take 3 years for it to sleep,creep,leap into the sky and protect the site. It would deb a hedge of protection, a place to think

Or… I have a 33”wide 7.5ft long iBeam to carve your name in. We could concrete it in.very simple and clean. I can weld and design as much or as little as you wanted on the beam. It weighs 100 pounds per foot. You need to see it at the shop. Wish we had your huge gear in Mobile or wherever you left it.