I lay in the backyard in the sun. I walk across these cool lettuce weeds that are soft and cold. I lay on a blanket in the sun thinking today why I can t hear the sun burning. What noises would it make? My gas stove doesn’t crackle like fire, I hope it pops and flares with explosions. Why can’t I hear the earth spinning? It should have a noise, but all is quiet. Blades of grass re.situate under my ear and spring back into their shape. My head has a dull thick beat that seems to shake a part of my skull. A wind chime toys with aluminum in the wind, a song for me. Squinty eyed I look around the sun, asking my eye to drink the morning and teach my skin what it needs to make for my body. I’ll have some B12 please… and some Vitamin D. Belly swells with breath to exaggerate the muscles holding my guts in place. I need them to stretch, be full of morning and depth. No longer caged. Set free by another day, another chance.

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