So much is forbidden: they say its not an adventure till everything goes wrong… now we are living… Some laws are longstanding but not so universal as we are lead to believe.. they say Gravity is a more a habit than a law. Even the speed of light varies so much to get around reCalibrating things whenever it goes up or down they just named the unit of measure- the speed of light- or light year. And a kilogram… there is actually a lump earth meat alloy that sets the standard for weight. =Did you know as a boy I wanted to be a great jewel thief? That was my standard… a punk rock burn it down, don’t take no for an answer. Rebellion was always on the cusp. They knew it, they just didn’t have the heart to stop me, I think they were all curious to see is someone could break the laws they took for gospel and find happiness as an outlier. Well, like the speed of light happiness varies- the speed of life takes hold and reminds you in one way or another that you only get a certain number of sunrises to accomplish your dreams. I gamble too often that there will be another day in frontĀ of this one to wrap up my loose ends and big plans.