happy with the end game

zI found myself pleased with how the end is lining up.
The medical personel will not tell you of any kind of prognosis but if you word the queation in the form of advice for preparing for your care as things move towerds requireing assistance with ‘Normal Life Funtions’ and you talk to the nurse assistant to the Doctor while she is filling you in befor the doctor arrives, you can get what they know.
So a year ago i asked the nurse lady how long befor i began experieancing diffculties maintaining an active life style and begin makeing arrangments for assistance, she told me a year. Today , a year or so later i cannot take the water survivel class, and it is with difficulty trying to stand and direct others for over 6 hours or so.
I now resurch every thing as it develops and have put together a good picture of how long left and the type of experieance ‘departing life’ is going to be (if i allow nature to take its course),
I have come up with a wonderfull alternative to nature taking is course and be gun to outline a plan for the actual ‘departing life’ event.
This has freed my mind of meaningless burden and filled me with pleasure in almost every moment and aspect of life. I have not worked out how to work sex into my life close to the end. I think no sex for 2 years and then you die is not good.
‘your borne, lifes a bitch, no sex for 2 years and then you die’