Exquisite Rest

I have dreaded this post since Peter first declared the name of the website he wanted to start.

July 28, 2016:   Peter Drummond died last night… I have been writing all week and hate most of what was coming out, like a spoiled child hating God I have wrestled with death on ugly and immature levels. Its not the leaving, its the downward spiral that makes me wrench. We have never disclosed our names until now… my name is Jeremy Thomley and Peter was my friend and mentor. In some ways… a mirror.

July 26, 2016:   Soon the universe will reshuffle to make room for the self that is Peter Drummond. He was a man of dignity and carried himself like the men of a different age. He belonged to an old school of seagoing adventure and mischief. Peter was not without scandal, and heartache. I like to believe he experienced all that a man could in this life. He was a man of achievement and success… his experiences were of incalculable worth, he died rich. His family loved him as if a demigod, but they knew better, they knew him- and they loved him anyway, hell they loved him more for it. Had he been any more than he was, we might have hated him. I knew him as the Exquisite Bastard; he and his family called me the dick.

The Master Salvor was a man of large stature. It wasn’t enough to say he was taller than the rest of us because he was still bigger than tall men. Peter fought lung cancer for 9 years. It got into his bones and after they amputated his pinky finger it wasn’t long before it got into his back. I never saw him on pain meds until the end. I never saw him not himself until the end; and in the end he taught us even more. One thing that always struck me about Peter was his belief in the end. I never heard him call himself an atheist but thats what most would call him. There was no greater admirer of a craftsman than Peter. No man appreciated achievement and skill more than he. He made it his business to know the history of the world and love the people in it. His gratitude for life makes me believe that however the Prime Mover makes himself known to Peter, they will be friends when they meet. Ye that worry for his soul, worry not but for your own. Damn it man; he was great for the sake of good. The Lord loves Yankees too.

I will miss you friend… you were so tough and cool I never told you I loved you… I never hugged you. I will honor our agreement. Rest my friend, enjoy the crescendo.

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