“You wouldn’t believe how badly I’ve missed him”… I hear that a lot from your friends and family. There are a lot of things I’d tell you,  you were right about. The IRS, relationships, having a plan for when things go too right. I realized yesterday as I was working on another task you would have solved simply… that I still haven’t put together your monument/sculpture. I could never make myself track down Bo again bc I have enough iron to do it myself why worry him. So I started yesterday. Its gotta be pretty low profile to go reverently unchallenged at the coffee shop. Its amazing how little the place pulls my attention with you gone. I have a new thought for it these days… rather than build something that is completed and 15ft tall, you can sit on this. What you gave us was a foundation… we never understood your heights of achievement but we understood the CORE of the power. I am building the mechanism, the heart, the core. It must be nearly impossible to move, so far 4 men could drag/budge it, but it will prolly go into its place on rollers as you would have moved it some how effortlessly. The sculpture won’t be complete until your two daughters are sitting on it. I haven’t been able to pray lately so I hope this will find you. Tell the Prime Mover I said hello, I’m sure he has put you to work building a world. You can come talk to me you know… I won’t get freaked out. -theDick